Move In & Move Out Cleaning Services
Move In & Move Out
Toronto office cleaning Services
Move In & Move Out Cleaning Services
MoveReady cleaning services Toronto Office cleaning
Toronto office cleaning Services
Move In & Move Out Cleaning Services

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Move In & Move Out Cleaning Services

Affordable Move In & Move Out Cleaning Services in Toronto & North York

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Move In & Move Out Cleaning Services
Standard House and Condo Cleaning Service Toronto North York -
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Cleaning for a move can be overwhelming, but with our expert and affordable move-in & move-out cleaning service, you can bid farewell to the stress. Our specially-trained team members offer both Standard and Eco-Friendly cleaning solutions. Whether you need one last clean in your former home or a fresh start in your new place, we've got you covered!

With our Move In Move Out Cleaning Service, our team takes care of everything. From refreshing or vacuuming carpets, sweeping and mopping floors to sanitizing and sparkling bathrooms, we leave no corner untouched. Your new (or old) kitchen will be clean enough for your first meal, and every surface, from countertops to closets, will shine.

  • House Cleaning:

    Move In & Move Out

  • Condo Cleaning:

    Move in & Move Out

Move In Move Out Cleaning Service


  • Thorough Dusting
  • Clean windows & window sills
  • Clean and disinfect door, door knob and door frame
  • Sanitize all railings
  • Clean mirrors
  • Clean and disinfect light switches
  • Clean baseboards
  • Sweep
  • Vacuum
  • Mop
  • Dust
  • Cleaning of all interior windows and wipe window sills
  • Clean outside of fireplace
  • Vacuum carpets 
  • Sweep
  • Wash floors 
  • Clean baseboards
  • Sanitize light switches and electrical outlets
  • Cleaning of all shelving and interior doors
  • Dust
  • Cleaning of all interior windows and window sills
  • Disinfect door knobs and face plates
  • Cleaning of bedroom door, closet doors
  • Clean shelving inside closets
  • Clean closet floor
  • Clean baseboards
  • Vacuum and/or wash floor
  • Clean and disinfect tub and shower
  • Clean shower glass
  • Clean fixtures
  • Sanitize and clean counters 
  • Disinfect the wall surrounding toilet
  • Disinfect the toilet, toilet paper holder, tank and handle
  • Clean baseboards
  • Disinfect the door, door handle and door frame
  • Clean and disinfect light switches
  • Cleaning of the inside/outside of cabinets, mirrors, counters and medicine cabinet
    We sweep and mop all bathroom floors for a more thorough cleaning

Achieving a flawlessly clean home might feel daunting. Entrust the task to our expert Move-In/Move-Out cleaning teams in Toronto & North York. We’ll ensure it gleams, is disinfected, and fully prepared for you.

  • Deep cleaning of the inside and outside of cabinets and drawers 
  • Deep cleaning of backsplash, counters and sink
  • All interior windows and sills are cleaned with our move out cleaning service.
  • Clean the inside and outside of fridge and stove (under hood wiped gently)
  • Clean and disinfect outside of dishwasher
  • Clean and disinfect door, door frame, light switches and outlets
  • Vacuum and wash floor –
  • Clean all edges and corners
  • Cleaning the inside and outside of the microwave

We will deep clean your kitchen and have it move in or move out ready!

  • Dust
  • Clean windows and window sills
    Disinfect and clean machine exterior
  • Disinfect light switches and doorknob
  • Disinfect and clean laundry room entrance door
  • Cleaning the inside and outside of laundry room cabinets
  • Clean baseboards
  • Clean counters
  • Sweep
  • Mop
  • Vacuum
What is Not Included

Kindly be aware that certain specialized cleaning services are not covered within our service offerings for the safety of all, and insurance liability.

Wall Cleaning:

We regret to inform you that complete wall cleaning is not part of our current service package.

Caution with Lighting and Light Bulbs:

We do not provide wet wiping for light bulbs due to their delicate nature, safety, and potential breakage risk.

Unavailability for Hoarding Situations:

At this time, we are unable to provide cleaning services for scenarios involving extensive debris accumulation as a result of hoarding.

Exclusion of Bio-Hazard Cleanup:

Our services do not encompass cleaning tasks related to bodily fluids, substantial mold growth, pet waste, toys, or any other bio-hazards.

Limitation on Heavy Lifting:

Please note that we are unable to assist with the lifting or removal of items, as per safety and insurance regulations.

Restricted Ladder Use:

For safety and insurance considerations, our operations are limited to using ladders for tasks that require ascending no more than 2 steps.

No Show:

If you are unable to provide property access within 25 minutes, we will consider it a no-show and the service will be canceled. Please be aware that our cancellation policy will be enforced. You can find the detailed policy in our terms of service.


Our policy requires a 24-hour notice for cancellations. If a service is canceled with less than 24 hours’ notice, our cancellation policy will come into effect.

By scheduling our cleaning service, you confirm the availability of running water and activated electricity for our use.

Other Excluded Items:



De-Cluttering Services

Important Information

All-Inclusive Cleaning Service for Empty Homes:

  • Our Move-In/Move-Out cleaning service covers various aspects, including inside the fridge, oven, empty kitchen cabinets, empty bathroom cabinets, baseboards, reachable interior windows, minimal spot wiping of walls, plus appliance exteriors.

Please note that the interior of all appliances, drawers and cupboards must be emptied for us to perform a thorough clean.

  • We also offer optional add-on services that include basement cleaning, carpet refresh (our carpet cleaning service), and rug refresh, ensuring a thorough clean from top to bottom.

Normal Condition for Optimal Results:

  • Our services are optimized for empty homes in a generally normal condition, as maintained by occupants.

Not Suitable for Extreme Cases:

  • We want to inform you that our service isn’t suitable for homes with hoarding issues or those in a severely neglected state. For example, a home which ahs not been cleaned in over 2 months.

Flat Rates for Clarity:

  • We must stress that our pricing is based on properties being in a state of normal repair and maintenance.
  • In cases where the property’s condition requires special attention, we’ll provide a new, non-negotiable cleaning rate based on the actual condition of the home, and the additional time it will take out staff to provide you with a thorough clean.

Empowering Informed Decisions:

  • Transparency is paramount. If the revised rate doesn’t align with your preferences, our cancellation policy will be applicable.

Accurate Online Estimates:

  • To ensure accurate pricing, we offer online estimates.
  • By sharing photos or videos of the property, you enable us to provide a precise quotation that we will honor.

At MoveReady Cleaning Services, our commitment is to provide you with a personalized, transparent, and reliable Move-In/Move-Out cleaning service that suits your needs.

Move In & Move Out Cleaning Service

Tips for a successful Clean

Move-in and move-out cleanings are specifically for homes that are unoccupied. Waiting within our one-hour arrival window might be inconvenient. To simplify the process, we strongly advise giving access through options like a lockbox or leaving a key/fob with the concierge. Just let us know your chosen method during booking, and we'll guarantee a smooth and efficient experience!

Running water & power during move-in and move-out cleanings is mandatory. These utilities are essential for a successful cleaning. If you are arranging for activation, ensure a 24-hour gap before scheduling the cleaning. Providing ample time for utility activation avoids future complications. Please note that if water or power isn't available, rescheduling is necessary and may incur a cancellation fee.

If you intend to use movers, carpet cleaners, or plumbers, it's advisable to schedule their visits on separate days. Cleaning alongside these services can be challenging for everyone involved. Providing sufficient space ensures optimal performance. This prevents any disruptions caused by simultaneous activities and ensures a more satisfactory outcome.

When scheduling a move-in or move-out cleaning, remember that these services for homes that are free of furniture, personal belongings, and clutter. A clear space allows our cleaning team to thoroughly access all areas and achieve exceptional results. Please Ensure your home is an empty canvas before our arrival (and to avoid a cancellation charge) to make the most of your cleaning appointment and leave your property looking spotless.

To secure your preferred date and time for a move-in or move-out cleaning, it's advisable to book well in advance. These services can be in high demand, especially during peak seasons. By scheduling early, you'll have the flexibility to choose a convenient slot and ensure that the cleaning fits seamlessly with your schedule.

You may have specific preferences when it comes to cleaning products or techniques. If you have eco-friendly cleaning solutions you'd prefer us to use or certain areas of focus, don't hesitate to share these details with us. Tailoring the cleaning process to your preferences ensures the provided service is aligned with your individual standards and values. Open dialogue helps us deliver the exceptional service you deserve.


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Affordable Move In & Move Out Cleaning Services in Toronto & North York

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